There are many black female celebrities we love, like Viola Davis, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Carrie Washington, to name a few. But how many black female influencers are you familiar with? Do you ever read books about black women’s lives or how they may struggle in relationships with white women?

On an episode of “Red Table Talk” with celebrity host Jada Pinkett titled “Unpacking white Privilege and Prejudice,” activist writer Rachel Cargle, actress Justina Machado, and writer Amie Newman shared their views. At one point Jada says about her relationship to white women, “All I’m saying is we need them, they need us, we need you, we need each other. We have to be able to sit in a bit of vulnerability to allow for a certain kind of healing to occur.” It is true. We need one another. We need to work together to find a way beyond the divide. Or as Audre Lorde once said, “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.”

We invite you to add to our list of Women We Admire, in the comments below. These tireless advocates of black lives have broken barriers, opened minds, and touched souls.

1. Rachel Cargle

Rachel Cargle, a public academic, writer, and lecturer unpacking the racist histories of various American systems.

2. Ijeoma Oluo

Author of New York Times Best-Seller So You Want To Talk About Race

Author of New York Times Best-Seller Me And White Supremacy

5. Whembley Sewell

6. Monique Melton

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I’m still the same person I was 7 days ago. I’m still out here in these streets speaking my truth about my painful lived experiences of racism. I’m still writing, studying, reading, creating & revising my curriculums. I’m still doing my part in educating the folks about how to identify & eliminate racism by engaging in anti-racism that centers Black womxn so that we can all live freely in our humanity. Nothing has changed about any of that. But what has changed is I’ve gained over 200k new followers in a week. My inbox is flooded w/ request to speak & work on multiple projects (many of which have little or no budget for this work which is quite telling of the value that they place on this work). My DM’s…I’ll never be able to answer them all. The demand for the work & the access to me is absolutely overwhelming. And while I’m glad that people are coming to this work & are taking their first steps to be an active participant in dismantling white supremacy, I also feel saddened that it took all of this to get you here. Why did it have to take the death of another Black life & protest all over the country just for folks to notice what we’ve been saying all this time. Why does it take all of this to notice that we are indeed human beings & that we’re suffering—and that it’s on you to be about changing the reality that creates this suffering? I’ve been specifically & consistently speaking on race issues for years. I launched my first group anti-racism program in 2018 with just three people & now there’s a waitlist with 100’s of names on it for the round that won’t even open for enrollment until August. And while I wish I could fully celebrate the growth & be fully excited that more people are getting involved in this necessary work —but I can’t, not fully. Because we’ve been saying & doing all this work for years—and it took yet more Black death for folks to finally decide they want to do something about it. Keep swiping to read more. And please understand that we’re not complaining that you’re wanting to do this work, we’re grieved with what it took for you to want to do this work.

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7. Eartha Kitt

8. Angela Davis

9. Jada Pinkett Smith


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