One of the practices I started a few years ago was to significantly cut back on purchasing big corporate products and buy from startups or local entrepreneurs. Obviously, that included ensuring at least 60 percent of all my purchases were to minority-owned businesses. 

While I will admit it was easy to do this with hair products, given my curly-fro, it took far more research when it came to “general products.” Products like detergent, sunscreen, soap, artwork, bespoke furniture, and general items you may buy day-to-day. Searching for black-owned enterprises can be extremely time consuming, so we created the go-to list below (it includes resources for finding local businesses as well).

Finding Black-Owned Business Near You

30 Black Female-Owned Brands and Entrepreneurs to Support

Black-Owned Beauty & Wellness Brands

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Fact: Beauty and wellness would be less enriching, healing, and beautiful without the Black community. Check out just some of the brands we admire by swiping through (brand handles listed below) and share your favorite Black-owned businesses in the comments.⁠⠀ Image 1: @golde, @dirtdonthurtme, @boyfaceme, @abaloveapothecary, @genesiscandlecompany, @212luxe, @beautybakeriemakeup, @anitagrant, @beneathyourmask Image 2: @boonboonacoffee, @garnersgarden, @koilsbynature, @zandrabeauty, @sensualcandleco, @thehoneypotco, @uomabeauty, @uniqurl, @unsuncosmetics Image 3: @ohmazingfood, @legendforskincare, @natureboyig,, @satyasage, @ouithepeople, @thelipbar, @tphbytaraji, @rosenskincare Image 4: @drankjuices, @thesheashack, @burkeavenue, @therealkushae, @glowcandlebar, @organicbath, @range_beauty, @oolibeauty, @pholkbeauty Image 5: @justaddhoney, @creamandcoco, @thatsmoooth, @herbnbeauty, @lovenotesllc, @heymochawhip, @ooopolish, @mielleorganics, @nyakiobeauty⁠⠀ Image 6: @gethyperskin, @coraloralcare, @solonoirformen, @delishcondish, @litbklyn, @martousnaturals, @mischobeauty, @girlandhair, @kncbeauty Image 7: @grl_trbl, @kreyolessence, @scotchporter, @camillerosebeauty, @elonwick_candleco, @iyobahandmade, @mentedcosmetics, @brushwiththebest, @buttahskin Image 8: @shedavi, @smilenaturalproducts, @himistry, @itsbrowngirljane, @reisfieldsnyc, @hanahana_beauty, @mariehunterbeauty, @briogeo, @brooklynbodybutter⁠⠀ Image 9: @movitaorganics, @ivyees_healthy_teeth, @fredbgrooming, @bladeandbloom, @thealyssacollection, @belovedbox, @huenoir, @bekurabeauty, @blackgirlsunscreen

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