The Tea Cure: How Tea Reverses Aging


Tea has been a medicinal cure in Eastern cultures for centuries. As a first generation Indian-American, my family had a deep-rooted culture pretty much centered on tea that I was subjected to since birth. Through my journey, I’ve scratched the surface of how tea can benefit us in many ways from both the mind and body perspectives.

Honestly though, I’m a coffee drinker. I. LOVE. COFFEE.

Yes, I enjoy and appreciate tea. My dear friend threw me a bougie baby shower at a trendy tea house on Melrose Drive in Los Angeles when I was expecting my first son almost 20 years ago…I drank the tea. I did! But Bulletproof coffee is now my jam, though I do want to incorporate tea into my routine for the health benefits, especially as I approach 50. So, I decided to do a deep dive into tea and had to turn to this incredible woman – a fellow entrepreneur, single mom and spiritual-yet-science-based tea master for further enlightenment.

“I always say that coffee gives me courage, but tea sustains me.”

– Zhena Muzyka

Zhena Muzyka has built a beautiful life around her love and passion for tea. Educated in the benefits of tea and herbs from a young age by her medicine woman grandmother, Zhena has been blending herbs and tea leaves for over 25 years. She launched Zhena’s Gypsy Tea initially as a means to an end: she had to stay at home with a sick child and had to figure out how to pay the bills. Through the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship and personal growth, she eventually came to her current love: Magic Hour Teas and the mini-empire she’s built around it.

As Zhena chatted, I was fascinated by her entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge and passion for tea. I’ll let you all see and hear this amazing woman share her story and volumes of information in the video above. I’m going to focus this written portion on tea basics and how incorporating various types of tea can benefit the mind and body.

Tea Basics

All tea starts out as green tea and goes through a process to create black tea or white tea, which have various benefits and properties.

White Tea

“White tea is great for collagen production. It cools the system, it helps with digestion. It’s calming and it also brings great clarity,” Zhena shares. Loaded with catechins, white tea is rich in antioxidants and protects our cells from free radical damage.

Green Tea

“Green tea purges the liver of backed up toxins, so it actually helps balance hormones. Especially around menopause where our hormones start to get funky, you want to drink green tea,” she says.

Black Tea

“With our black teas, we ferment them to actually grow friendly bacteria. So when you drink our black tea, it’s delicious breakfast drink, but it’s also leaching toxins out of the intestines and thanks to the probiotic, it’s helping with digestion and it helps with mood enhancement.”

Benefits of Tea for GXB+

“I believe aging is simply a result of us needing to continually detox,” Zhena says. “Tea has always been my ‘youthing’ tonic and it also give me mental clarity and energy. You know, when I visit with tea masters in Asia, they have no wrinkles, they’re healthy and they’re at their perfect weight because they sip tea all day.”

Through Zhena’s Club Magic Hour subscription service, members can explore various, high quality tea blends each month. The boxes are themed – for example this month’s box is centered around Feng Shui – and includes items Zhena hand picks to complement the tea and theme.


  1. This is fantastic! I worked with a doctor who used to mix “mushroom tea”, which I learned was of the psilocybin family. Since this type of treatment is growing in popularity for depression, what are your thoughts and/or suggestions?


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