When my partners and I started working on the documentary Moving Minds, Graham Betchart and Aaron Gordon’s series about their mental skills training work, we had no idea how much the world was about to desperately need it.

Graham is an elite mental skills coach who has worked with hundreds of top-level athletes, including Aaron Gordon. Aaron is 24 years old today and playing with the NBA’s Orlando Magic after training with Graham since he was just 13. Together they’ve spent over 10 years harnessing the power of mental skills training. After Graham helped me thrive during a stressful period in my own life, I was thrilled to help them share their empowering techniques with students and their parents in Marin County, CA. The 8-part documentary series will allow them to reach a much larger audience, sharing their process of playing present to bring inner calm and move minds toward inner peace. Using a blend of documentary footage, animation, and archival content, Moving Minds, produced by Evergrain Studios, creates an immersive world for viewers to look at how training our minds can help all of us perform better in life and sports.

Graham is an elite mental skills coach who has worked with hundreds of top-level athletes, including Aaron Gordon.

No one could have anticipated the added stress and anxiety that would come with COVID-19. Especially now, when uncertainty is the new normal, how people choose to respond can be a real game changer. Fortunately, the documentary film makers had finished shooting a significant amount of live footage, before COVID-19 hit, including the February, 2020 Dunk Contest in Chicago where Aaron received a score of 47 (out of 50) on his final dunk, despite jumping over 7-foot-5 Tacko Fall! (Aaron was a great sport, even though many fans agreed he’d been “robbed” of the title for the second time in a row.) But the team had to pause production when stay-at-home orders were put in place. We’re editing existing footage and can’t wait to offer the Moving Minds concept during this time when people can really use coaching. In the meantime, Graham will share his tips in an All Ageless Facebook Live Event “Curb Your Anxiety” on May 26. And as soon as we can safely return to work, we’ll be finishing the documentary series. We’ll be updating you here, so please stay tuned…



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