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Unbalanced Hormones: Gut, CBD and Strength Training

Hormone Changes: What To Expect in Your 40s and Beyond Before we get started here, one statement needs to be up on the table: Unbalanced Hormones Begin in the Gut!

The Doctor Is In: 5 Medical Tips for Ageless Skin

We all want to feel and look our best every day of our lives. While our health and vitality is largely from the inside out, we also must take care of ourselves from...

Awesome Arms Workout: Try These 3 Easy Moves Using a Towel

When it comes to crazy effective workouts for improving posture and keeping your arms looking good and your shoulders healthy, few items in my Pilates studio rival the towel to make it happen. 

“Naked Trainer” Mike Ryan Reveals How You Can Look Great Naked Too

Celebrity trainer Mike Ryan never specifically set out to become known as the “Naked Trainer.” The problem was, he just didn’t think he looked as good in clothes. At photo shoots, photographers would...

Why Resist? Create an Instant, Portable Gym With Resistance Bands

When you can’t get to the gym, but you have a few extra minutes around the house to squeeze in a handful of exercises, it’s hard to beat the convenience and ease of...

Alcohol and the Corona 15: Strategies to Indulge Without the Bulge

Undoubtedly, as you've heard, the Corona 15 is a thing. And, in addition to our constant need for comfort combined with a newfound proximity to the fridge, alcohol sales are on the rise as well...

Keto Cocktails: Have Your Margarita and Drink it Too!

While alcohol can make us more prone to cheat on a diet, sometimes we just need a good cocktail...and now more than ever, we need that good cocktail! As we know, alcohol typically packs a...