I just love the slim streamlined feel as the rod touches my skin. The way it nestles gently behind my ears. And the firm yet gentle way it sits on my face. What am I talking about?! Sunglasses, baby!!!

I love sunglasses! Sunglasses are the handbags of the face. And I have plenty to showcase (over 100 pairs). I wonder sometimes if my fascination with sunglasses is somehow tied into my being an introvert, and a fashionista hybrid. It’s interesting because when I have on a wonderful pair of sunglasses people will keep their distance at first, assuming I am being aloof. But inevitably they engage and ask about my frames. They’ll ask about the sunglasses that I’m wearing, where I purchased them, or who the designer is. The exchange is akin to “Leave me alone, no wait, pay attention to me!” It’s a wonderful feeling. 

When I put on my sunglasses, no matter what I’m wearing—I mean, I could look like a disheveled street fair garbage can—I would still feel like a boss babe. They are the ultimate accessory.

When I put on my sunglasses, no matter what I’m wearing—I mean, I could look like a disheveled street fair garbage can—I would still feel like a boss babe. They are the ultimate accessory.

When I shop for sunglasses, here are my caveats:

  1. First, I strongly recommend that you figure out the best shape for your face. Now, I’m not a hard and fast rules kind of gal, because if I like something I don’t care if someone tells me it isn’t good for me—not even experts. I’m gonna wear it, if I like it. But there are certain things that I know I’m limited by. For example, I have a wider, flatter face with a smaller, wider-bridged nose. Which means that a lot of sunglasses are not going to sit well for me. In fact, I was discussing this issue with designers at Oculus and found out they are working on special virtual reality frames for exactly this reason. A large portion of the population has my type of skull shape, and yet most glasses are not designed for us. When I choose sunglasses, I have to ensure that there’s good support around the bridge, because otherwise they’ll just fall right down my nose. 
  2. Another deal breaker: I want very comfortable support on my ears. Either the arms have to be very thin, so I don’t feel any pull or tug or pain in my ear over prolonged use, or they have to have some level of padding or some kind of silicone support to marry themselves well against my skull. 
  3. Last, I can’t have frames that are too large, because of my cheeks. The size will push into my cheeks. Again, because of the shape of my face.

What works really well for me: cat eyeglasses, aviator glasses and rounded frames. Overall I love to balance the range between hyper stylized and sporty sunglasses. That’s my sweet spot. 

If you’re going to buy glasses online, which currently is your only real option for shopping, I recommend a few sources: 

Take a Quiz: Zenni Optical has both a quiz and a “shop by your face shape.” Even if you do not like their frames, I recommend you go through their site. It is very helpful to learn what is best for you until you find your own style groove. Also, they have a great deal of images with diversity. Huge plus in my opinion!!! I like to see people that may have my face shape or look in frames (although I rarely do), because it gives me a good idea what I might look like.

Educate Yourself: Warby Parker is a wealth of information and services. WP’s motto: “Buying eyewear should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. Glasses, sunglasses, and contacts—we’ve got your eyes covered.” Love it! They also let you try on free before you buy.

Save Money: If you like designer sunglasses but want to watch your budget, you can buy sunglasses online at top consignment stores. Stores like, TheRealReal, Poshmark and even eBay have great selections. Keep in mind, if you buy consignment sunnies, you’re likely to have scratches on the lenses. Argh! Take a very close look at the images before buying.

Once you do know the style of frames that work best for you, shopping online is a breeze. I recommend you try something new this summer. Perhaps a new style, a bright color, or even something edgy. 

Treat Yo’self!

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