In December, 2019, I posted an image of myself sitting on my bed, amidst my freshly designed bedroom decor. My post read, “I’m pretty sure I can write a book on The Fine Art of Lounging.” While it seemed personal to me, it clearly struck a chord with others. One of the comments: #bestseller

Little did I know, that picture on Facebook was a foretelling of how we would all be confined to our homes, experiencing all of the ways that we live within our own four walls. We now work, manage our children, and play the part of chef, busboy, short order cook, teacher, principal, and mediator. Need I go on? We are living an entire set of modalities, all within one small space. Therefore I thought I would share with you, my tips for living out your best life in your bedroom. Before we go into the details, let me give you some backstory of my obsession.

My bed has been my protector, my blankets a warm hug when I needed it most, and the surroundings a call for inspiration.

When I think of my addiction to being in bed, it is as natural to me as others may feel about taking a walk outside for fresh air or going to the gym for a boost of adrenaline. My bed has been my protector, my blankets a warm hug when I needed it most, and the surroundings a call for inspiration. When I am happy I snuggle in bed for the sensations, when I am sad I cuddle up for comfort, and when I am angry I find an escape in bed for the release of anxiety. My bed is my friend, my muse, and my solace. When I am in a relationship there is no place I’d rather be than in bed. I’ve attempted to brainwash quite a few paramours into the thrilling prospects of weekend bed staycations. Which by my definition entail lots of food, champagne, wine, Netflix binging, chocolates and sex. The rules of engagement are you can only leave the bed to get more sustenance, for lube, and to use the bathroom. Needless to say this is a big hit until they catch on that it isn’t primarily a sexual thing for me. It is a way of life. It’s like I am saying, “If you want me, you have to accept my bed addiction as well.” We come as a unit. The draw to my bed isn’t a recent phenomenon nor even connected to fear, anxiety or depression exclusively. I’ve been a fan of my bed since I was a little girl. Jumping on my bed, pretending my bed was a speedboat, falling asleep under it and watching the stars from the edge of my bed. It was my magical happy place. Just me and my bed.

As I’ve matured, my imagination still delights me with ways I can dress up my longtime friend.

My bedroom.

As I’ve matured, my imagination still delights me with ways I can dress up my longtime friend. My bedroom. I must have a space that is nuanced and timely because I redesign my bedroom about once a year, more often if I’ve gone through certain transitions in life. My bedroom is this magical ever-evolving movie set in which how I feel on the inside is reflected around me, or at times reflects how I want to feel inside and cradles me into a peaceful state. I think I’ve made it clear that I’m a bit of a bed-life expert. 

My Top 10 Favorite Bedroom Must-Haves:

Vintage Silk Pajamas

I had been searching for the right pajamas, for a while. One of the problems that I have with pajamas is the material. When you’re going through menopause and you’re hot and cold and hot and cold you need the right fabric, so silk works the best for me. However flimsy silk, with all my tossing and turning, winds up being a nuisance because it bunches easily. I needed something that was silk but also a little bit more dense of a fabric, and then I found these vintage men’s silk loungewear pajamas and fell completely in love. I feel stylish every time I wear them. These are the perfect kind of loungewear that goes from bed to walking around, and it’s super important that the color popped. 

Masks for Every Occasion 

I reach for “Fuck Off” on rough days and my silk lavender insert mask when it’s time to unwind. I am someone who immediately wakes up the minute as any light comes pouring into my bedroom. So if I know I’m going to sleep in or take a power nap, I need a great mask. I like the two options of the edgy, “Fuck Off mask” and the healing mask that I can put herbs inside. I purchased both on Amazon

Empress Crown

I have a rose gold chandelier in my bedroom, and I had this idea to buy a crown that was rose gold. I don’t know why, I must have had a dream about it or something. But I went on Amazon and I found this crown, and I cannot believe the weight and quality of it. I will wear my crown  just sitting in bed, writing an article, or checking emails. So if you’ve received an email from me or read one of my posts on social media, I was probably wearing this crown

Sleep Support

Another thing that definitely peaked during menopause was constantly waking up throughout the night. Then I would really suffer the next morning, because I didn’t get a full night’s sleep. I cannot take melatonin, it makes me feel completely drugged the next day. I have been continuously trying out different variations, strains, and combinations of CBD and THC. But I did come upon some CBD gummies that are working quite well. Try them out and check out our article on Which CBD Is Right for Me?. I found these on Amazon

Essential Oils

Oils play a very, very important part in my life. Lavender is, of course, incredible when I’m going to sleep. And Frankincense, Eucalyptus and Lemon are my jam! I love this set I got on Amazon.

Silk Pillowcase

I go nowhere without my silk pillowcase. When I started going natural with my hair (for more on that journey, check out My Hairstory), it made a huge difference to transition to a silk pillowcase. I also noticed a dramatic difference in the quality of my facial skin in the morning. Now I have multiple silk pillowcases. I travel with one I keep in my suitcase. 

Decal Wallpaper


I change up the room decor based on how I feel. It’s important that I’m able to completely change the mood, and I typically will not spend a tremendous amount of time painting and repainting. I have found that working with strategically placed wallpaper with some kind of texture allows me to change the feel, mood, and tone of the room and the way that I receive it emotionally when I’m looking at it. 

A Go-to Vibrator

Clearly, it’s incredibly important to have a great vibrator near your bedside. If we’re just being honest, we all have at least one in a drawer somewhere. I recommend this one highly, which I bought on Amazon

Sound, the Mood Stimulator

Sound is probably the most critical part of my bedroom environment, I have Alexa right there with me. It all depends on what mood I want while I’m in bed, working in between phone calls. If I’m on a call, typically I will play classical music, or if I am working on a very linear, strategic type of document. If I’m creating or I need to focus, I am 100 percent going to play binaural beats, and that’s going to be with a headset on. But when I fall asleep, I use white noise or environmental sounds. It’s the only way that I can actually fade off to sleep these days. 

Dress-up for Bedtime

I love dressing up and getting in bed and making phone calls. Pretty much if you’ve received a business phone call from me, I probably was decked out in some kind of amazing elegant attire. I don’t find anything fun and exciting about dressing just regular old business. I typically like to be in athleti-leisure or street wear or some bizarre kind of decked outfit. Also, I really enjoy wearing sunglasses when I’m on calls. Try it. It will change the whole way you are on those phone calls. 

I hope I start a whole new trend, because there’s no place like the bedroom. 


  1. You are amazingly fresh! I cannot tell if you’re 6 or 60 in a most flattering way. You’re wise with experience and sweet with honesty. Thank you for inspiring me with your unconventional ideas. The glasses, crown and silk!? Ha! Genius!! It really does make a difference how you see yourself and the world around you with just a feeling. I am an artist, a creative soul with a mind that flows constantly with creativity but never really acted on it. This quarantine made me realize how dull I am because I have not manisfested one thought into fruition. I will definitely take all your Amazon ideas and put them in my cart! I have to stroke somewhere! 😉💕😘 Lots of Love to You and Keep On with your Bed Head Gorgeous!! 🥰


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