3-Day At-Home Hair Rehab Part 4: Ready, Set, Grow!


It’s finally here. The moment your hair has been waiting for. In Parts 1-3, we covered My Hairstory, Hair 101, and The Building Blocks. And I revealed that my hair isn’t just improved, it’s transformed. Yes, I’ve managed to render my hair unrecognizable, even to my own mother. Now you’re ready to start your 3-Day Hair Rehab. Ready for some R&R&R? It’s time to rebuild, restructure, and reinvigorate your hair. 

Below is everything you’ll need over the next three days. I have also included substitute options for oils and cleansing, if preferred. And you can use jars or plastic bags you have around the house in lieu of purchasing new glass containers and a heatable plastic cap. 

(Please keep in mind you will need to purchase and prepare some of the treatments at least 24 hours in advance of application.)

Shopping List

  • Cupuacu Oil (or Cupuacu Butter)
  • Raw African Black Soap
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Organic White Rice
  • Organic Quinoa
  • Organic Greek Yogurt
  • Avocado
  • Raw Organic Honey
  • Organic Olive Oil (Optional)

Additional Items

  • Glass bowl (for mixing) 
  • Wooden spoon (for stirring rice and quinoa)
  • Strainer
  • Glass Jars with lids (2)
  • Glass jar (no lid needed)
  • Coffee filter (or thin piece of cloth)
  • Spray bottle (preferably glass) 
  • Plastic cap (preferably heatable)
  • Microfiber hair towel 
  • 2 rubber bands

3-Day Schedule

(You can find the recipes and more detailed instructions in the Recipe section, below. Take your time with each treatment and give your hair—and yourself—the attention it needs to heal.)

Day One

  • Make your rice water rinse and pour into one of the jars, then store in a dry, room-temperature location to use on Day 2.
  • Make your quinoa tonic water and pour into one of the jars, then store in a dry, room-temperature location to use on Day 2.
  • Cut up a few small pieces of Black African Soap and put inside of a bottle with distilled water.
  • Prepare to use the Cupuacu Butter (oil). You can use one of the alternates listed in the Substitutes section, below, or combine them. 
  • You are going to apply the oil to your scalp and massage for 15 minutes. (See Massaging Your Scalp, below, for more detailed instructions.) Set a timer, to make sure you do it for the full 15 minutes.
  • Invert yourself during the massage. You can lay on your bed and hang your head off the side, while massaging your scalp with your fingertips. Pay special attention to your crown. (Because it’s important. AND because you’re a queen!)
  • After the massage, spread the oil to the ends of your strands. Make sure you coat all of your hair with the oil.
  • You are going to leave the oil in your hair overnight. You can either braid your hair or pin it up. Please do not pull into a ponytail, as it can break your hair.

(Pampering tip: Over these three days, you are pampering your hair, but it’s essential to care for your mind as well. Take time to meditate, listen to music, or read a great book. When the body’s energy flows harmoniously, it sustains life, nourishes the organs, and maintains health. I believe that our thoughts and actions affect our cellular health.)

Day Two

  • Upon waking up in the morning, wash the oil out of your hair. Wet with lukewarm water. Put on enough of your African Black Soap mixture to create a lathering foam. Massage into your scalp and throughout your head. Leave on for 10 minutes
  • Wash the soap out of your hair with very cold water.
  • Spray the Apple Cider Vinegar mixture onto your hair and massage into your scalp and strands for a few minutes, then rinse out with very cold water.
  • Your hair may feel dry, but don’t worry, you will be adding in moisture soon.
  • Spray the Rice Water on your hair and thoroughly spread the liquid on your scalp, strands, and ends. Place the plastic cap on your hair. Leave on for at least an hour, or longer if you desire.
  • Rinse out the Rice Water with very cold water.
  • Spray on Quinoa Hair Tonic and leave in.
  • Let your hair dry naturally (or at least 80 percent air dry, then you can use a hair dryer on medium heat).

(Pampering tip: Practice self-soothing behavior by telling yourself that it will all work out. One of the mantras that I say in moments of stress is, “I am safe, I am loved, and I trust the process of life.” Then I take in and release five deep breaths. It shifts my energy immediately, and I can listen and respond appropriately to any given situation.)

Day Three

  • Wet your hair with lukewarm water.
  • Apply Avocado Hair Treatment in hair
  • Cover with your plastic cap (heated, preferably).
  • If you do not have a heated cap, cover with a plastic cap and wrap your towel over it.
  • Leave on your hair for at least an hour, longer if you can.
  • Rinse out treatment with very cold water.
  • Spray in the Quinoa Tonic as a leave-in.
  • Let hair dry at least 50-80% air dry, then blow dry at medium heat. Style as desired. 

(Pampering tip: As you reflect on your hair care, please take the time to be grateful for everything beautiful and magnificent about you. Write that stuff down. The perfect time to journal is when you are sitting with treatment in your hair. Journaling will support your reflecting on and releasing any limiting thoughts or beliefs that you have about your hair and yourself.)

After the final treatment, your hair will be immersed with everything it needs and more. Better yet, the ingredients will continue to work on your scalp and hair long after the three days. 

You may find that your hair is extremely moisturized, maybe even too moisturized. Don’t worry, your scalp will find its balance. And each time you do this intensive treatment, it will find that balance even faster. 

Finally, please, pretty please, don’t forget to take pictures. Even if you don’t want to look at them now, you will be grateful months later as you see your results. Your journey has just begun! I can’t wait to hear about your progress. XO, Audrey


Massaging your scalp

Without exception, you need to have maximum circulation—for hair that will grow back, thicken and retain.

I discovered during my hair research frenzy that I was doing just about everything wrong. While I lived my life professionally active, I was, in fact, a sedentary person. Spending hours on end at a desk, with my laptop, or in conference room meetings. Don’t get me wrong, I undoubtedly exercised. But circulation needs to come from various sources. Never forget that the top of your head gets the least amount of blood circulation because it is harder for blood to consistently reach your scalp.

Scalp massage increases circulation to the scalp and allows more blood flow to your hair follicles in support of hair growth. It is essential to send blood to your scalp constantly for several reasons:

The top of your head typically  does not get proper blood circulation. If you think about the times you feel cold, your arteries are narrowed and less capable of moving blood through your body, slowing your circulation. The way to ensure blood reaches the top of your scalp is by massage.

Blood contains nutrients and oxygen, which help hair grow. If you have poor circulation, then you will have poor hair health and growth.

Circulation disrupts dormant hair stages. Typically your hair, skin, and nails are the last to get nutrients because your body takes care of other organs first. Because of stress and hormonal changes, even when we eat well, we can be deficient in nutrition. When you manipulate your scalp, you are ensuring your follicles get what they need.


Every ingredient in the recipes listed below is available on Amazon. You can also try your local organic health food store. I recommend that you use the exact ingredients I have listed, but in case allergies or your budget prevents you from using them, I have suggested alternates.

It is important that you prepare ingredients using glass or wooden bowls and wooden spoons. Plastic or metal can alter their chemistry.

Lastly, please adjust any ingredients according to the degree of damage and dryness of your hair. Curly and kinky hair, in general, tends to be dry to very dry. If you have bleached or color damaged hair, then you also may need to adjust your ingredients. If you are on the extreme end of dryness and damage, you can use more oil. Don’t use too much though because then your hair will be greasy. A few additional drops or a teaspoon is a good range to start with.

Organic Rice Water

  • Clean the rice by pouring it into a strainer and running water over it for a minute. Move it around with your hand to make sure you clean it thoroughly.
  • Place it into a pot with water (1/3 rice, 2/3 water) and bring to a boil.
  • Boil the rice for 5 minutes as you stir it (with a wooden spoon only—no metal or plastic).
  • Pour the hot water through your strainer into a glass jar. (You can save the rice to eat later, but it will require additional cooking.)
  • Put a coffee filter secured by a rubber band over the top (instead of a lid) or you can use a piece of cloth.
  • Leave the jar in a dry, room temperature location. You can also cover with a towel to create warmth, which helps with fermentation.
  • You must let the rice water sit for at least 24 hours, or up to seven days. The longer you leave it, the stronger the treatment. Please be aware that seven-day fermented rice is pungent smelling. You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to cut the odor.

Organic Quinoa Tonic

  • Wash the quinoa in a strainer. Run water over the grain and move it around with your hand. You will see it bubble.
  • Soak the quinoa in water for 1 hour (1/3 quinoa, 2/3 water). 
  • Then strain the water into a glass jar.
  • Cover the glass jar with a coffee filter or piece of clean cloth and wrap with a rubber band.
  • Leave the jar in a dry, room temperature location. You can also cover with a towel to create warmth, which helps with fermentation.
  • You must let the tonic sit for at least 24 hours, or up to three days.
  • You will be using the quinoa tonic as a treatment and a leave-in. When you use it as a leave-in, you can transfer it into a glass spray bottle. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

  • Pour distilled water into a jar.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • If your hair is very dry, you can add a few drops of oil. You can also add honey.
  • Shake before using.

Deep Conditioner

  • Use a glass or wooden bowl.
  • Cut up a medium size avocado and add to the bowl.
  • Add ⅓ cup of full fat plain greek yogurt 
  • Add 2 tablespoons of honey, and stir.
  • If your hair is very dry and brittle, you can add in a few drops of oil.

African Black Soap Shampoo

  • Cut the soap into a few small chunks.
  • Drop them into a glass jar with a lid.
  • Pour in distilled water.
  • Close the lid and set aside for an hour or so until the soap is completely dissolved.



  • Raw Virgin Macadamia Nut Oil
  • Raw Organic Kokum Butter
  • Organic Baobab Oil
  • Organic Olive Oil

Clarifying Shampoo

  • Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Oil (of your choice) and Distilled Water
  • Indian Healing Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, Oil (of your choice) and Distilled Water


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